Hot Off The Press: Better Homes Realty Acquires CondoDomain

** Press Release – Hazlet, NJ (PRWEB) August 07, 2012 **
Better Homes Realty Acquires Condo Domain, A Media Company & A Brokerage
Today, Better Homes Realty unveiled its new brand extension to expand its market share within the condo and urban markets, which enhanced its network?s lead and revenue generation opportunities. The new brand will launch in September 2012.
Better Homes Realty and Condo Domain will offer a fresh, modern expression of the Better Homes Realty brand designed to meet the unique needs of residential listings in city center locations. Better …

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A Little Love from the Wall Street Journal Today

We got a little love today from the Wall Street Journal out in our San Francisco market. Diana George our City Vice President was quoted:
Diana George of CondoDomain has shown the apartment to two clients and says that neither had an issue with the price. “I love how it’s a true loft?not a modern day loft,” says Ms. George.
Follow the entire article on the WSJ.

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CondoDomain Refund

As of January 1, 2012, CondoDomain will be eliminating its “cash back” incentive as it had previously offered its buyer clientele.
Since becoming a broker just over 2 years ago, we had made a splash with the very much “industry” frowned upon “rebate” or “refund” business model giving back 20% of our commission to our buyer clients. As a business decision to attract new clients and keep our current clients coming back, giving away such a nice “closing gift” (everyone loves cash, right?) seemed to be the simplest and best …

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Wow: Boy have we grown-up

This morning I found a long-lost thumb drive in search for some old analytics reports and I came across our original 2005 CondoDomain logo. It took me a second as I barelly recognized it, but it did bring a huge smile to my face.
We really have come a long way. Just a short 6 years ago we were this new-born technology firm with a “wicked” pitch (literally, wicked – we were Bawwston based back then) for online marketing to luxury condominium developers in Boston – after all we were “the …

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CondoDomain’s Victor Vaca on Mentoring in RE

This week AgentGenius, a leading real estate news site and thought leader, released a fantastic report on the role mentoring plays in the careers of successful agents. The report features top industry leaders including CondoDomain’s own all-star Executive Vice President of Sales, Victor Vaca. Victor’s philosophy on mentoring agents plays an important role in the article and helps make this a really good read.
I suggest giving it a look – you can find it HERE.

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8 Upstart Companies to Watch: David vs. Goliath

It’s a timeless story about the underdog winning against all odds and now, more than ever, it’s happening frequently in business. Why are upstarts in all industries stealing market share and in some cases even supplanting the 800-pound gorillas? I’ll give you three good reasons:
Virtual Infrastructure: Easy and inexpensive software and hardware have leveled the playing field. Small companies now have access to distribution, marketing and infrastructure solutions that that are equally effective to those used by market leaders. The cost savings and efficiencies – and customer reach – are …

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Over the last several years Texas has quietly been doing some very good things, and in 2011 the state has burst into the national spotlight in a big way. The Dallas Mavericks win the NBA championship over the hyped-up Heat, spotlights are shining on job growth that exceeds just about all the other states combined and Rick Perry (or Rick Parry if you are a Steven Colbert fan) launches onto the scene as a top Republican presidential candidate.
With all of this momentum, what’s up next for the Lone Star …

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In Search of Top Real Estate Talent (Multiple Cities)

Come work with one of the best real estate coaches in the country – Victor Vaca!
Lately we have opened several new markets and have already gained significant traffic on the web and on the ground. We are looking for 2 to 3 “downtown” real estate experts to join our team in each of the follow cities: Austin, TX – Dallas, TX – Houston, TX – Miami, FL – New York, NY – Philadelphia, PA – San Diego, CA – Washington, D.C.

Why Consider Joining CondoDomain?
CondoDomain is run by real estate veterans, …

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6 Insider Tips Every First Time Homebuyer Should Know

For most of us the idea of home ownership inspires pride, conjures romance and fulfills the American dream – and it’s exciting. Once you are knee-deep into the actual process of buying a home, however, you realize pretty quickly that it’s not as easy as signing the title and hiring a moving company. Buyers are confronted with complicated rules and regulations, myriads of paperwork and of course the big price tag that goes along with making the biggest investment of your life. The process causes anxiety in us all, and …

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5 City Real Estate Opportunities No Investor Should Ignore

DC Real Estate

Real Estate markets in cities across the United States have had a rocky few years. The combination of downtown overbuilding and the economic recession was a one-two punch that drove property values down and increased uncertainty in the major cities. As we head into the dog days of summer, there are strong signs that many cities have started to emerge from their dog markets and present a viable, and in many cases a very strong, investment opportunity.
There are industry-wide influences, of course. Prices are at very reasonable levels in most …

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CondoDomain Nominated for 2011 Peoples Choice Awards

We were just nominated by the 2011 People’s Choice Innovator award for most innovative website and we want your vote to win this year.
Voting for the People’s Choice award will end on Friday, July 22 so please vote right away, it only takes a second.
To vote please visit this link. (directed to Inman News)
We thank you in advance for your vote, our entire team deserves this award this year!

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Best Cities For Families: 2011 just came out with their annual list of best U.S. cities to live in with families and 4 of the top 10 are CondoDomain cities!
They crunched more than 8,000 bits of data in 84 categories to determine this year’s top places to raise kids.
1. Washington, DC (Search DC Homes For Sale)
The history, the government, the breathtaking architecture and inspiring monuments – you don’t have to be a child to get an amazing education in this city. Our nation’s capital is also known for its plenitude of museums – in …

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CondoDomain To Open Denver & San Francisco This Month

CondoDomain has been off to a hot start here in 2011. Opening 3 new markets in first quarter alone: NJ, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami we have entered into some ‘loud territory’ as featured here and here. We also aim to open 3 more here by the end of June including Denver, San Francisco & Los Angeles.
Along with the opening of these cities this month, we will be rolling out “CondoDomain 4.0″ which is the 4th generation of our city real estate oriented website. (See mockup …

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